Thursday, April 28, 2016

Leon Lai Concert is cancel in Hong Kong

My friend with her family is in Hong Kong now. They were there few days back as they have planned to watch Leon Lai concert months ago. It's sad to find out that the concert is cancel.

Talking of Hong Kong, I been to there when I was below 10 years old. I followed my parents for the vacation. The tour agency that my dad paid is Reliance College. This college was my college too, hehe.. I finished my SPM in Ipoh and I have taken part in this college 1 and half year or 2 years. I cannot remember exactly how long but suppose to take Advanced Certificate. I took diploma in this college, Travel and Hotel Management.

One of my friends, she is Siva, its been a long time we not keep in touch.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Almost robbery at Subang Jaya house

A friend told me that her neighbour house almost broke in by robbers. No kidding it maybe happened a few month ago or just few days back. It was in the afternoon about 4pm happened.

The old lady was in the house as the owner with family away for vacation. She says the neighbour has a dog.

Anyway she knows about the break in from another neighbour.